Validation Results

Summary: CCI v5_2 2001 incl filters ISMN no filter - ALL

  • Started validation on Sept. 22, 2020, 2:04 p.m. UTC, finished on Sept. 22, 2020, 2:16 p.m. UTC.
  • Compared 2 datasets:
    • Dataset 1: ESA CCI SM combined (v05.2, sm) [Filters: Not freezing and no snow-cover (flag != 1); No dense vegetation (flag != 2); Variable in valid geophysical range; Data with no inconsistencies detected (flag = 0); ]
    • Reference: ISMN (20191211 global, soil moisture) [Filters: none ]
  • Validated globally.
  • Validation period / temporal filter: Jan. 1, 2001, midnight UTC to Sept. 17, 2020, 11:59 p.m. UTC.
  • Validation metrics calculated from absolute values.
  • Triple collocation analysis was deactivated.
  • Scaling reference: ISMN (20191211 global, soil moisture) [Filters: none ]
  • Scaling method: Mean/standard deviation.
  • Processing took 12 minutes (wall time).
  • 0% (0 of 2869) of the processed locations (grid points) produced errors during calculation.
  • This result was published on zenodo with DOI 10.5281/zenodo.4288919.

Summary statistics

The mean, median and standard deviation are calculated on the validation results aggregated by metric and dataset. The reference dataset used is ISMN (20191211 global, soil moisture).

Metric Mean Median IQ range Dataset
# observations 1178.3 922.0 1473.0 All datasets
Bias (difference of means) [m³/m³] 1.08e-08 -2.98e-10 2.4e-08 1-ESA_CCI_SM_combined (v05.2)
Pearson's r [-] 4.56e-01 4.93e-01 3.49e-01 1-ESA_CCI_SM_combined (v05.2)
Root-mean-square deviation [m³/m³] 2.98e+00 6.74e-02 4.58e-02 1-ESA_CCI_SM_combined (v05.2)
Residual sum of squares [(m³/m³)²] 1.64e+06 3.86e+00 1.14e+01 1-ESA_CCI_SM_combined (v05.2)
Mean square error [(m³/m³)²] 1.38e+03 4.55e-03 6.54e-03 1-ESA_CCI_SM_combined (v05.2)
Mean square error bias [(m³/m³)²] 1.14e-11 1.43e-16 5.37e-16 1-ESA_CCI_SM_combined (v05.2)
Mean square error correlation [(m³/m³)²] 1.38e+03 4.55e-03 6.54e-03 1-ESA_CCI_SM_combined (v05.2)
Mean square error variance [(m³/m³)²] 1.18e-12 4.46e-18 1.41e-17 1-ESA_CCI_SM_combined (v05.2)
Pearson's r p-value [-] 3.89e-02 0.e+00 1.75e-08 1-ESA_CCI_SM_combined (v05.2)
Spearman's rho p-value [-] 3.41e-02 0.e+00 4.07e-10 1-ESA_CCI_SM_combined (v05.2)
Spearman's rho [-] 4.68e-01 5.03e-01 3.36e-01 1-ESA_CCI_SM_combined (v05.2)
Unbiased root-mean-square deviation [m³/m³] 2.98e+00 6.74e-02 4.57e-02 1-ESA_CCI_SM_combined (v05.2)

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