Overview QA4SM

The Quality Assurance for Soil Moisture (QA4SM) service provides the user with:

  • An easy-to-use interface for comparing satellite soil moisture data against land surface models and the international soil moisture network
  • A traceble and consistent methodology for all comparisons
  • Various filtering and scaling options to assess the impact of these on the validation results
  • Traceable validation results in netCDF format and as visualisations (graphs and maps)
The overall aim is to bring together methodologies and protocols used for the validation and quality control of soil moisture data products and provider users with traceable validation results.

QA4SM was created thanks to support of the Austrian Space Application Programme. From 2021 on the application is also supported by the European Space Agency.

QA4SM Workflow

Datasets and Settings

Allows specification of input datasets and settings for your validation



Provides a list of all validation results


Download and Visualize

Allows download of validation results in netCDF format and as graphics

Download and Visualize